Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez argued Wednesday that Democrats swept a series of elections on Tuesday night because their candidates ran against President Trump's policies with "sane" candidates.

"They want leaders they can be proud of, and that's why people like Phil Murphy and Ralph Northam were able to win because they're sane," Perez told MSNBC. "They're people who are speaking to the issues that people care about."

Murphy won the New Jersey governor's seat on Tuesday, and Northam won the governor's seat in Virginia. Democrats also won smaller races around the country, and Perez said it revealed an anti-Trump streak.

"Donald Trump was undeniably on the ballot in a number of races because he's trying to divide America," he said. "The people are so sick of these Twitter tirades."

One GOP lawmaker said Tuesday that the election should be a "wakeup call" that the Trump administration could be in trouble in the mid-term elections.

“There has to be some self-reflection," said Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va.