Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price Sunday tried to persuade reluctant Republican senators and governors that the healthcare bill in the upper chamber is going to make life easier for millions of Americans.

Price told CNN he believes many Republicans who have come out against the bill misunderstand the Trump administration's plan for healthcare.

In responding to comments made by Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nevada, last week saying that the second biggest healthcare lie was the Senate bill would bring premiums down, Price said the bill is a part of a larger plan that would accomplish that goal.

"The plan, in its entirety, will absolutely bring prices down," he said.

Price said increased healthcare costs "just wouldn't happen, and we'll continue to work with the governors to make sure they understand the plan in its entirety."

The administration and its allies in Congress have repeatedly said that there is a three-part plan to fully replacing the Affordable Care Act. That plan is to repeal the bill, have Price's department strip away parts of it through eecutive actions and then make legislative changes.

While the Congressional Budget Office has not done an analysis of the Senate bill, but the House bill would cut Medicaid by $834 billion over the next decade and 23 million fewer people would have health insurance in the same time frame when compared to the current system.

However, Price said the Trump administration's plan would put more money in people's pockets by cutting the taxes in the Affordable Care Act. He said the current system isn't doing enough to help Americans.

"We've got a healthcare system that's working for government right now, but it's not working for patients, and there's a better way to do this," he said.