Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren slammed the "liberal media" Wednesday for twisting her highly-anticipated Politicon appearance alongside comedian Chelsea Handler to advance its agenda.

Lahren, who has been a staunch critic of President Obama's landmark piece of legislation, revealed during the event that she was still on her parents' health insurance plan, an option made possible by the Affordable Care Act. She was criticized for being critical of Obamacare while still benefitting from the law, but said doing so wasn't an issue.

"The day after my Politicon sit-down with Chelsea Handler, the liberal media decided to tarnish a productive debate between two political adversaries with the usual pro-Obamacare spin," Lahren wrote in an opinion piece published by The Hill. "News flash: Most Republicans and Trump supporters don't believe that every single tenet of Obamacare is bad."

She cited Kaiser Family Foundation polls that found a majority of Republicans support allowing young adults to remain on their parents' insurance policy until the age of 26, as well as providing coverage for people with pre-existing health conditions.

"Yes, I have benefited from the Obamacare provision allowing young adults to stay on their parents' insurance plans until age 26," Lahren said. "Yes, some provisions in the law make sense. That one certainly does. ... But facts won't get in the way of the media's liberal crusade."

Lahren, an outspoken advocate for college campus First Amendment rights, added the debate was "an important step for free speech."

"Our sit-down proves a respectful dialogue between people with whom we disagree is still possible and should be encouraged by both sides," she said. "American democracy is greater with free speech and open dialogue."