They said Wall Street banks were "too big to fail" in 2008. In 2014, it's the federal government that is "Too Big to Manage."

That's the title of a series appearing this week on by the Watchdog investigative reporting team's Mark Flatten. It's about "official time" and it's a doozy.

Never heard of official time? That's not surprising because federal officials absolutely loathe to talk about it in public.

You pay, they organize

Here's why: There are hundreds of top-dollar federal bureaucrats who don't do a lick of work for the taxpayers. They spend their days at the office working for federal employee unions.

"Federal employees spent 3.4 million hours working for their unions at taxpayers' expense, the equivalent of more than 1,700 full-time positions," Flatten reports.

"The only restriction is that official time cannot be used for strictly internal union business like conducting elections or collecting member dues."

And they can lobby

About the only thing these federal bureaucrats can't legally do is perform work that has only to do with internal union matters.

Otherwise, they are free to do whatever has even the most remote connection to "federal labor-management relations," including lobbying Congress to increase federal spending and hire more bureaucrats.

But wait, there's more! Official time also obligates taxpayers to "help out" federal employee unions:

"Standard contracts require agencies to pay for office space, phones, computers training and travel for union officials taking official time," according to Flatten.

More to come

Flatten's series is the first example of what is expected to be a long-running series of investigative reports that expose the facts about how unmanageable the federal government has become.

A hint of what to expect in the series in future days is included in Flatten's series this week: Two of the biggest and most important federal departments don't even know how many of their employees are on official time.

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