Millions of American kids eat at least one solid meal every weekday courtesy of the federal government's school lunch program but the Department of Agriculture's Inspector General says too many tax dollars are going to waste with the effort, according to the Washington Guardian's Phillip Swartz.

The Ag IG "found the National School Lunch Program, which subsidizes breakfast and lunch for 31 million poor children, wasted at least $1.7 million that could have gone to buy more food," Swartz reported. "The review only looked at 18 school programs, suggesting the problems could be much larger across the $11 billion nationwide program."

Federal officials lost track of some of the food intended for the kids and paid too much for other food, the Ag IG said.

"The government's response to the investigation was a classic case of fingerpointing. USDA thought it was the states' responsibility to keep an eye on food prices, while the states thought it was the federal government's responsibility," Swartz said.

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