The Washington Examiner recently previewed clips of Dennis Prager’s upcoming documentary "No Safe Spaces" and discussed the growing epidemic of speech suppression on college campuses. Red Alert Politics Editor Lauren Cooley led the discussion, helping audience members identify the growing problem, understand the tactics taken by the anti-speech left, and learn how they can take stand for free speech.

In case you missed the event, here are the top five Prager quotes from throughout the discussion.

“The left has never been an advocate of liberty except for sexual liberty. That is it. There is no other liberty that matters, everything else is suppressive. Liberals were always for openness. The left has taken over liberalism. The only liberals I know today, 99 percent are called conservatives.”

“They need to ask the $64,000 dollar question. Should I spend the amount of money I need to, to send my kid to college? I believe for the first time in my life, I don't think it’s a given that you should send your child to college. ... If you do send your child to college, you are playing Russian roulette with their values ... there is a very good chance they will be committing values suicide by going to college.”

“There is as much relationship between right-wing and white supremacy as there is between right-wing and, uh, and badminton.”

“I saw that in the '70s in Columbia. Students would take over offices and the deans would offer them cheese danish. That’s basically what happened. The worst offenders in protecting free speech are professors, and deans, and presidents of colleges. It’s a moral cesspool, our university. And unless we are prepared to say that over and over, because just like big lies get believed, so do big truths. This is a big truth: the university in America is a wasteland — it is a moral and intellectual wasteland. It is the center of America hatred, of Western civilization hatred.”

“One of the animating principles of the Left is a denial of reality and a lack of desire to grow up. Immaturity is a profound element of leftism. And this notion ‘my feelings uber alles’ — that is what an infant feels. ... Leftism ... is a desire to remain a child.”

Chandler Thornton of the College Republican National Committee, and Roger Ream of The Fund for American Studies, Marcus Fotenos of Turning Point USA, and Shelby Emmett of the Center to Protect Free Speech also joined the discussion.

The Washington Examiner will continue its coverage on free speech in the coming year. To this end, Red Alert Politics has merged with the Washington Examiner, in order to increase coverage and audience exposure to this very important topic.

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