Karen Hinton is married to the man who may be the most important aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Hinton is also an executive at a lobbying firm.

The New York Post tells the story. The article calls Hinton’s husband Howard Glaser “a well-known figure to lobbyists because he has authority over all state agencies and formulates major administration policies …”

More great (by which I mean awful) details in the Post article:

The New York Times reported in 2011 that Cuomo, as New York’s attorney general in 2009, used his office to threaten legal action against Chevron when Hinton was being paid $10,000 a month as a lobbyist for a group suing the oil giant in a multibillion-dollar court action alleging massive environmental damage in the Amazon.

“Andrew has no interest in doing this. He is doing this for me. Because I asked,’’ Hinton wrote in an e-mail about Cuomo’s intervention in the Chevron case, which became public as a result of the ongoing lawsuit, the Times said.