In the past few months, Montgomery County police Officer Andrew Suh has been involved in several arrests.

Suh arrested a bank robbery suspect on Jan. 28 after he found the man covered in red paint from the dye pack that had exploded as he left a Wheaton bank. The suspect, Joseph Urrutia, had also allegedly robbed a convenience store that day and committed another bank robbery in the county a few days earlier, police said.

In February, Suh responded to a report of suspicious people walking through backyards. He located the two men, and it was determined that they had committed a residential burglary, police said.

And Suh later investigated a burglary where the suspects drove the victim's vehicle into Prince George's County and then used the victim's credit cards. Three people have been arrested in connection with the case, police said.

Suh, a three-year veteran of the police department, recently received a public safety award from the Wheaton & Kensington Chamber of Commerce.

"It feels good to be acknowledged," the 28-year-old officer said.

But Suh added that he is not solely responsible for the arrests that he has made.

"It's not all me, it's always a team effort," he said.