Top executives at Breitbart News assured editors and reporters on Wednesday that there will be no changes or fallout from the surprise ouster of former chief Steve Bannon.

“We are going to soldier on and continue to fight the good fight,” said one insider.

On a conference call, CEO Larry Solov and Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow said that there is no plan to replace Bannon or shake up the staff. What’s more, there is no funding issue with the conservative website that has offices around the country and overseas.

The call gave the Washington-based staff a boost in confidence.

What’s more, Bannon has told staffers that he too continues to back the news service. “Steve is fully supportive of us,” said one.

Bannon resigned his top post on Wednesday after his former boss, President Trump, turned on him for criticizing the administration and son Donald Trump Jr. in the insider book “Fire and Fury.” According to reports, one of Breitbart’s chief funders, Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah Mercer, told Bannon that she had lost faith in him and she was supporting Trump in the fight with his former campaign and White House adviser.

In the call, all top editors and reporters were told that they will keep their positions. The news outlet employs over 100, and many of its staff are well known including White House correspondent Charlie Spiering, political editor Matthew Boyle, senior editor Joel Pollak, Brandon Darby, and Raheem Kassam.

As for replacing Bannon, that appears to be ruled out for now. Some noted that the news service did some of its best work during the 2016 presidential campaign and early months of the new administration when Bannon was working for Trump.

Others noted that many of Breitbart’s big stories on immigration, the months leading to the resignation of former House Speaker John Boehner, Brexit, and economic nationalism were not directed by Bannon.

With the Bannon affair now out of their office, insiders said that Breitbart is moving fast to push into new story areas. “It’s good to get the cult of personality out of the way,” said one. And it clears Bannon stories off the front page, making space for more of its trademark news stories.

“Ours is a recipe for success and we are getting ready for the big fights of this year,” added the insider. “We’re an institution and our team has been here for years, some since the beginning. We are not going to tear that down.”

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