Golden State All-Star David Lee (torn hip flexor) became the latest player from an NBA playoff team to go down with a season-ending injury. How does his loss compare to the impact of these other injuries this postseason?

5. Danny Granger (Pacers) » Because of the rapid development of All-Star Paul George, Indiana hasn't missed Granger nearly as much as expected. But wouldn't the Pacers be more of a postseason threat with another big-scoring forward in the rotation?

4. Danilo Gallinari (Nuggets) » It's tough to lose a 6-10 forward and his 16.2 points and 5.2 rebounds per game, especially when Denver's top rebounder, Kenneth Faried, enters the postseason with a sore ankle.

3. Rajon Rondo (Celtics) » Boston was better this year without Rondo (21-17) than with him (20-23) before he suffered a torn ACL. Still, minus Rondo it's hard to imagine the Celtics taking the Heat to seven games as they did last year in the Eastern Conference finals.

2. Kobe Bryant (Lakers) » Even with Bryant having another season worthy of MVP consideration, Los Angeles struggled to reach the playoffs. With Bryant sidelined with a torn Achilles, however, it's hard to imagine Los Angeles challenging No. 2 San Antonio in the opening round.

1. Derrick Rose (Bulls) » Last year with a healthy Rose, Chicago had a better record than Miami. Would he have made that much of a difference this year? Maybe not, but with him the Bulls likely would have been seeded higher than fifth and more of a threat to topple the defending champs.

- Kevin Dunleavy