Seven NBA teams were still without their first win of the season heading into Sunday. The season may be 82 games long, but it's never too early to measure the panic quotient. Here are the five teams that should be the most nervous:

5. Celtics (1-2) » A chance to get their first two wins of the year against the offensively challenged Wizards doesn't say much. Boston wasn't close in losing its first two. There's plenty of time to gel, but Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce need to be saved for April and May, not November.

4. Denver (0-3) » The Nuggets have had the unenviable task of starting the season on the East Coast and barely got Ty Lawson's contract situation resolved before the deadline. They're back at Pepsi Center for two of the next three, but nine of their last 14 games this month will be away from home.

3. Wizards (0-2) »

Going overboard wouldn't be responsible given that both John Wall and Nene are still out injured. But coach Randy Wittman's starting five isn't getting it done. If he's going to lean on the reserves late, there's no reason not to put them in first.

2. Sacramento (0-3) »

Are the Kings the Wizards of the West, or are the Wizards the Kings of the East? Both teams' rosters are unfinished, but the Kings are struggling despite being healthy and -- worse -- don't look like they fit together. It's hard to see how this gets better.

1. Lakers (0-3 through Saturday) » Someone had to get a win between the Lakers and the Detroit Pistons (2-0) late Sunday, but that won't mitigate the second guessing in Hollywood. Steve Nash may be out only a week, but coach Mike Brown won't last until Thanksgiving if the Lakers don't turn things around quickly.

- Craig Stouffer