The Redskins are in the playoffs, so it's time to think big -- about delicious potential matchups in Fantasyland.

1. Redskins vs. 49ers (divisional) » This is a more intriguing matchup than Washington at Atlanta in a sterile dome. Add some dicey San Francisco weather, play it on Saturday night and all the elements would be in place for a classic: Redskins' offense vs. 49ers' defense.

2. Redskins vs. Packers (NFC)?» How about a snowy matchup at Lambeau Field between Robert Griffin III and Aaron Rodgers? It can't happen in round two, but wouldn't it be fun with a trip to the Super Bowl at stake?

3. Redskins vs. Vikings (NFC) » The only way for Washington to host a second playoff game would be for wild-card Minnesota to beat Green Bay and Atlanta. How about another fantastic finish between Washington and Minnesota 25 years after they met for the NFC title at RFK?

4. Redskins vs. Ravens (Super Bowl) » We've already established that Baltimore-Washington is a one-way rivalry, but how about a replay of their overtime classic from Week 15 in another Battle of the Beltways. Teams located this close to each other have never met in a Super Bowl.

5. Redskins vs. Broncos (Super Bowl) » Many of the potential quarterback matchups in New Orleans are fun to consider -- RGIII vs. Tom Brady, RGIII vs. Andrew Luck. But the best would be RGIII against Peyton Manning in his hometown.

- Kevin Dunleavy