This season has been anything but enjoyable for the Los Angeles Lakers, and the rubbernecking only will get worse as they fall further out of playoff position. Here are the top five reasons it's impossible to look away:

5. Kobe Bryant's drama »

One of the NBA's greatest players ever is having a big year (29.2 ppg), but if the Lakers aren't winning, perhaps his success makes it impossible for his teammates to succeed. The only things he's universally adored for are his tweets.

4. Dwight Howard's discomfort » The NBA's most imposing force in the lane, a player who dominates with his presence alone, has managed to anger and frustrate those around him off the court, talking and acting as if he aims to please without backing it up.

3. Metta World Peace is thriving, Antawn Jamison is not » At both ends of the personality spectrum, these role players thought they had a clear road to a championship. Instead they can't help but wonder what they signed up for.

2. Mike D'Antoni is angry » It has been a long time since his success in Phoenix. Steve Nash already was getting up in age then, and the current pieces don't fit the same way. But the Lakers can't fire D'Antoni; that would mean three coaches on the payroll at once after they replace him.

1. Real-life fantasy team failing ?» It's an experiment that rarely works. Even the Miami Heat fell short in their first year with the Big Three. But those players were in their prime. The biological clock is ticking with Nash and Bryant, and Howard could walk as a free agent this summer. No one wants to miss when a masterpiece gets scrapped.

- Craig Stouffer