Jim Boeheim's unique personality is as reliable and often as frustrating as Syracuse's 2-3 zone. The Orange coach put it all on display after Saturday's 61-39 loss to Georgetown:

5. "As a coach, you never think you're going to be a part of this thing [the Big East] for 30 some years. The first few meeting and battles in the meeting rooms that we had, if Dave [Gavitt] hadn't been there, there would have been fist fights in the room."

4. "John [Thompson Jr.] and I are good friends. We've been good friends; we weren't always good friends. But ... we got over that youthful whatever it was. We won't label it. ... There's no bitterness."


"[Otto] Porter [Jr.] is hands down the player of the year in the league. ... To me, this kid is the player of the year in the country. I don't see it being close. ... He's in the top four, five picks in the draft. I don't see how he's any worse than that."

2. "Well, you know, I'm pretty much ready to go to play golf someplace. If I was 40 years old, I'd be real upset [about the end of the Big East]. I'm not 40 years old, but that should be obvious."

1. "I'll miss some of these press conferences with some of you people having a chance to get mad. Then everybody's mad at me for a couple weeks. 'How can he say those things?' It's easy, real easy. I don't care. When you get in these press conferences, you've got every right to ask any question, and I'll answer any way I want, too. It's fair, isn't it?"

- Craig Stouffer