Robert Griffin III might be considered superhuman by some (his doctor), but he bleeds as a fan just like the rest of us. Witness his tweets following Louisville's upset win over his alma mater, Baylor, in the women's basketball Elite Eight. Clearly he was displeased with the officiating and its impact on the Bears' Brittney Griner. So in one day Griffin went from meeting with the president at Verizon Center during the Syracuse-Michigan game to tweeting about women's college basketball. Here are his top five tweets Sunday night (Nos. 2 and 1 were continuations, so we combined them):

5. No hate on this end people Louisville won & will live to play another game #Props but that doesn't mean I have to like how it went down.

4. Oh...and yes I'm mad about women's basketball cuz I PUT ON for my SCHOOL!!!! And there is a difference in being physical and fighting

3. Despite all the man jokes BG is not SHAQ! She is a 6'8 WOMAN! & the REFS! OH MY...NCAA may find a way to fine me if I bring them up.

2. People poke and make fun of B. Griner all the time but C'MON MAN....Them girls were LITERALLY throwing elbows, slaps, weave... Not to mention the lil lady who was mean-mugging B. Griner's BELLY BUTTON after she made the nice layup.....BACK UP CHILDS PLAY!!!

1. Yes people Louisville hit the 3 ball all night. But for every 3 they made, they threw 6 elbows, 5 straight lefts, 4 right hooks... .....3 roundhouse kicks, 2 jumping knees, & 1 superman punch at B. Griner's abdominals. Aiming for her face but couldn't reach.

- John Keim