The Washington Nationals' loaded rotation bears no resemblance to those of the past. Here are the Nats' worst rotations since the Expos moved to D.C.

5. 2010 » John Lannan (8-8) and Livan Hernandez (10-12) would have been solid No. 4s or 5s on other teams. The same couldn't be said of Craig Stammen (4-4), Luis Atilano (6-7), Scott Olsen (4-8) or Jason Marquis (2-9).

4. 2008 » Tim Redding (10-11), Odalis Perez (7-12) and Lannan (9-15) were a reasonable top three. But Jason Bergman (2-11) never started another major league game, and Collin Balester (3-7) was too green at age 22.

3. 2009 » Lannan (9-13) was the only one who started at least 20 games or won more than five, though Jordan Zimmermann (3-5) might have joined him if he hadn't blown out his elbow. It was the last hurrah for Garrett Mock (3-10), J.D. Martin (5-4) and Shairon Martis (5-3), who have a combined one win since.

2. 2006 » How bad was the rotation of Ramon Ortiz (11-16), Livan Hernandez (9-8), Tony Armas (9-12), Pedro Astacio (5-5) and Mike O'Connor (3-8)? O'Connor was the only one with an ERA under 5.00 and a WHIP better than 1.50.

1. 2007 » Matt Chico (7-9) was the only pitcher who started more than 21 games. But he never won another game. Same for Mike Bacsik (5-8) and Jason Simontacchi (6-7). Of the seven who got 10 or more starts, Joel Hanrahan (5-3) had the lone winning record, but it came with an unsightly WHIP of 1.90.

- Kevin Dunleavy