The Republican data firms i360 and the Data Trust on Thursday announced an agreement to share each other’s voter files, providing a possible boost to GOP candidates on the 2014 ballot.

The Data Trust serves as the primary voter data warehouse for the Republican National Committee’s overhauled digital voter turnout program. The sharing agreement with i360, one of the top GOP-friendly data outfits, means that candidates that have been relying on RNC data to target voters will now have access to i360’s voter file, and vice versa.

The agreement augments the volume and sophistication of the data on America’s 190 million registered voters available to Republican campaigns. It also helps ensure that all Republicans have access to the same data so that they can avoid strategic missteps.

This has been among the advantages held by Democrats on the data front, as they all primarily use the same firm, NGP VAN.

“For the first time, the Data Trust and i360 will work together to reduce duplication and make right-of-center voter contact efforts more efficient, resulting in our partners having access to more and better data,” John DeStefano, president of the Data Trust, said in a statement.

“i360 is excited that through this data sharing partnership, free market organizations will be able to more effectively use data in their voter outreach efforts,” Michael Palmer, president of i360, added.

Here is how the press release from the Data Trust described the agreement:

“Through this partnership, voter contact information gathered by clients of either The Data Trust or i360 can improve the data shared with all clients. For example, if a client of either company conducting voter outreach identifies a voter attribute or preference, clients of the other organization will benefit from that information. As a result, conservative groups and campaigns will have more information about voters at their disposal for their own activities than ever before.”