House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop criticized President Obama's Tuesday announcement banning offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, calling the move an "abuse of power" and "naive and unprecedented."

"The extremes to which this president will go to appease special interests never ceases to amaze," Bishop said. "This is not a moral calling, it's an abuse of power. Scratch below the facade of pragmatism and it is nothing more than ideological chest-thumping from the president for the far Left."

Obama used executive action to permanently ban drilling in large swaths of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, but it is not clear whether the incoming Trump administration can reverse the move.

It's likely the Republican-led Congress will push Trump to undo the ban.

"This White House fails to understand that America's offshore is the foundation of our energy strength, and its responsible development has served to insulate families and businesses from the whims of global oil cartels such as OPEC," Bishop said. "This naive and unprecedented executive action undercuts our competitiveness and threatens regional economies across the country."