It may not be conventional thinking, but Hillary Clinton is good for Jeb Bush, according to an influential GOP political pollster.

Ed Goeas, the go-to pollster for top Republican candidates around the nation, said that Clinton's dominance among likely 2016 Democratic contenders will inspire Bush and make him change his mind that the nation has enough of political dynasties and Bushes in particular.

“I actually think the fact that Hillary is doing well actually increases the chances for Bush to make a positive decision about running, because all of a sudden it’s no longer 'Too many Bushes,' ” he told Secrets.

Instead, he said, the race “becomes two very powerful political families going up against each other.”

With Hillary the leading Democratic nominee, Goeas said, “I think that would change the dynamics, actually open the door for him more than not.” He added: “That’s one of the reasons why probably two years ago he was saying no, nowhere in the near future am I going to think about it. Today he’s probably looking at it very seriously.”

Goeas this week joined Democratic pollster Celinda Lake to unveil their latest George Washington University Battleground Poll.

The poll found that Bush has a higher favorable rating than New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and that Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician in the nation.

“We’ll take Hillary being the most popular politician out there, that’s OK,” said Lake.

She also noted that poll found some residual distaste among voters for the Bush name. “Bush still has some Bush taint,” she said.

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