Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., asked two members of President Obama’s cabinet to suspend IRS implementation of Obamacare, citing the fact that the head of the health reform section of the agency used to lead the IRS section that improperly targeted conservatives.

Thune wrote Attorney General Eric Holder and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew about Sarah Hall Ingram, who led the office that subjected Tea Party groups to inappropriate audits.

“[P]lease confirm whether Ms. Hall Ingram is a subject of the Department of Justice’s investigation into whether IRS employees broke criminal laws by singling out conservative groups for special review and inappropriate questions,” Thune, the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, asked in the letter.

“Additionally, until there are sufficient answers as to her involvement, I request that the IRS refrain from issuing or enforcing any regulations that have been drafted under the supervision of Ms. Hall Ingram in her current capacity as director of the IRS’s Affordable Care Act office, which is responsible for implementing the health care law,” he continued.  “The IRS should also immediately cease work on additional Affordable Care Act regulations until the Department of Justice confirms that Ms. Hall Ingram is not a subject of the criminal investigation, Ms. Hall Ingram is removed from this office, or Ms. Hall Ingram is exonerated by an investigation by the Department of Justice.”

The Washington Examiner reported last week that Hall Ingram received over $100,000 in bonuses between 2009 and 2012.

“Bonuses as large as those awarded to Ingram typically require presidential approval, according to federal personnel regulations,” The Examiner’s Mark Tapscott reported.