Getting back to business in the Boston HQ of Mitt Romney's campaign after the candidate's commanding presidential debate performance was was hard Thursday as giddy staffers cheered "Victory" headlines from around the nation.

But the top staff put out word that there was to be no excited high-fiving, cheers or any other display of excitement despite the first week of positive news for the campaign in over a month.

"Let's stay the course," said one. "We're wary of getting too high," added the staffer. Like a team that had a big win but still faced the rest of the season, top aides urged the sprawling staff to keep focused on next week's chores, including Romney's foreign policy address to the Virginia Military Academy and the vice presidential debate.

"You have a good game sometime, but the season is still running," said one advisor. "We passed through a door to get to where we need to be."