Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert praised the Trump administration for having the "most successful response effort ever seen" to mark the final day of the Atlantic hurricane season that has been rife with complaints about the federal response effort.

In a tweet Thursday, Bossert, who has been directly involved in response and recovery efforts, noted that the unusually active hurricane season was also the most costly in U.S. history and said the Trump administration "will not rest until recovery is complete for all Americans."

During this hurricane season, which boasted six major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher, the U.S. was struck multiple times, including in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

The Trump administration devoted resources to help these places cope with the devastating storms, and Trump himself visited many of the places hardest hit, including Houston and Puerto Rico.

However, Puerto Rico in particular has become a flashpoint for controversy concerning the Trump administration's response to Hurricane Maria, which made landfall in September.

More than two months later, much of the U.S. territory is still without power and clean water.

Trump has faced criticism from some local officials, notably from San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, and Democrats, for not doing enough to help the struggling island.