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TOUGH NUMBERS AS SEBELIUS HEADS TO HILL - New numbers out this morning on ObamaCare enrollees show time running out for the administration to avoid worsening disruptions for Americans who already have health insurance. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius heads to the Hill today for another battle with House Republicans over the balky mechanics of the program. Sebelius is making a new concession and calling for an inspector general to review her team’s work on the crash-prone, still-unfinished enrollment system.

So far away - Her agency released new enrollment numbers ahead of Sebelius’ arrival: A total of 258,497 people enrolled in an insurance plan through ObamaCare in November, leaving the administration nearly 1 million signups behind the target for the first two months of the six-month enrollment period. The administration is also touting the fact that 803,077 Americans signed up for Medicaid, a welfare program that covers care with some doctors and hospitals, but that’s not related to the larger insurance market. In order to prevent further premium spikes, the administration is aiming to enroll 7 million Americans in the program before the end of March when ObamaCare fines kick in for those who do not comply.

[Watch Fox: Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., previews today’s hearing with Secretary Sebelius in the 9 a.m. ET hour]

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