A Montgomery County activist group is questioning whether county officials are serious about completing the Silver Spring Transit Center, as one year has passed since problems with the three-level concrete structure were revealed and little progress has been made.

The project, which began construction in 2008 and was originally proposed in April 1997 by then-County Executive Doug Duncan, has had multiple delays since inception. Members of the Action Committee for Transit are demanding a public meeting on the future of the $112 million facility, which would provide connections among MARC, Metrorail and Purple Line trains and hold bus bays, a kiss & ride stop and a taxi stand.

Dan Reed, land use chairman for ACT, said he was 5 years old when the center was proposed and is stunned more progress hasn't occurred. He said he is also concerned that the county hasn't been more responsive to the public's questions.

"It's frustrating because this is a major part of revitalization of downtown Silver Spring," he said. "It's a major part of our transportation network, and for people going through their daily commute, it's a hassle."

Construction problems were reported in January 2012, after cracks were found in the middle and upper levels, and delayed the project's opening. A remediation report is expected to be completed this month by KCE Engineering Services, said David Dise, director of the county's Department of General Services.

Dise said he has not seen any drafts of the report and couldn't comment on what might be done to fix the structure. He also said because the county doesn't know what work lies ahead, it's hard to say when a new opening date would be.

"We'll look for a final design solution with [KCE Engineering Services]," he said. "So that when the weather turns we can go to work and get this thing fixed and get it open to the public."