Trees have been planted on President Trump's West Palm Beach golf course where earlier in the week CNN cameras captured him golfing and were subsequently blocked from filming by what appeared to be a strategically placed truck obstructing their camera's view of the course.

The white truck blocking CNN's view of the West Palm Beach, Fla., course appeared earlier this week after the channel promoted an exclusive video of the president golfing.

A CNN producer, Noah Gray, tweeted a picture of the truck in front of hedges adjacent to the golf course blocking their cameras view on Wednesday, an opening that is being re-landscaped, according to CNN's Ana Cabrera.

When asked about the truck, the sheriff's department told CNN it did not order the truck to obstruct the media's view of the president.

Gray also pointed out that a spokesperson for the department, Teri Barbera, also denied having the truck put in place to block the network's view, saying the management team didn't make the orders.