Rep. Trey Gowdy is not happy that details from the House Intelligence Committee's closed meeting with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats on Thursday leaked, after he assured Coats that "selective leaking" wouldn't happen.

During an appearance on CNN, Gowdy, R-S.C., was asked to describe the "tone" of the intelligence panel's meeting behind closed doors on Thursday, after which news outlets reported on leaks from the meeting. Those reports included one from NBC News, citing an unnamed source familiar with the conversation, that Coats said President Trump repeatedly asked him to say there was no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia.

"Eight hours ago, Adam Schiff and I looked Dan Coats in the eyes, and we assured him that there would be no selective leaking of his testimony to us," Gowdy said in reply, referring to his Democratic colleague, Rep. Adam Schiff, who is also on the panel. "And I'll be damned if eight hours later there aren't three different leaks with what he told us."

Gowdy explained these kinds of leaks are the reason why congressional investigations aren't taken seriously, saying they are viewed as "political exercises."

Asked whether he thought it was Schiff or Coats, Gowdy said he doubted it was either one of them.

"I can't tell you who it is," he said. "But I can tell you this, you're going to have a chilling effect on other witnesses who want to share classified, sensitive information when it makes its way to the headlines before the transcript's even dry."