Planned Parenthood now claims it lied to an undercover investigator looking to determine if an employee had been fired.

Last week, the pro-life group Live Action revealed undercover footage of a Planned Parenthood staffer at an Indianapolis clinic giving fetish sex advice to a 15-year-old girl. The employee, Planned Parenthood announced, was fired after the video was released.

But the day after the employee was supposedly fired, audio of a follow-up call from a Live Action investigator seemed to imply that the employee was not, in fact, fired.

But Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Tammy Lieber said the Indianapolis office knew the caller was from Live Action and played along.

“We knew it was a fake,” Lieber told USA Today.

The reason Planned Parenthood responded as if the employee had never been fired was because the organization wouldn’t disclose personnel information to a client.

They could have said the appointment was with another employee, but it does answer the question as to how someone at that clinic could not know about an employee being fired following the video’s release.