Wendy Davis appears to want to show the quick way out of national political stardom, thanks to a series of startling news stories that have appeared in the Texas media since the weekend.

First, it was the Dallas Morning News story on Saturday that revealed Davis has fudged -- aka "lied" -- about certain details of her past, including the fact she got married at 21 instead of the 19 she claimed, and that she only lived in the family mobile home for a few months instead of the years she previously suggested.

Even worse, the DMN story reported that Davis married an older guy who paid for her tenure at Harvard Law School, then left him and their kids the day the student loan was paid off.

But wait, there's more

There were other sensational facts in the DMN piece as well, so much so that it appeared things couldn't get worse for the Texas Democrat running for governor.

But it did. The Austin-American Statesman -- not exactly known as a mouthpiece of the Texas GOP -- quoted the reporter who wrote the DMN piece saying he never spoke with Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott about Davis, contrary to Davis.

Then Davis committed an unbelievable faux pas, claiming that anybody who questioned her account of her life story "hasn't walked a day in my shoes." Abbott has been confined to a wheelchair since he was 26 years old.

And now, even more

Today, RedState.com, which is a widely read conservative outlet, makes known additional damning details from documents it obtained from a Texas court.

"A few years after Wendy Davis claimed in court that she had suffered damage to her mental health, a Texas court put Davis under a temporary restraining order prohibiting her from using drugs or alcohol within twenty-four hours of coming into contact with her children," is how RedState summarized its findings.

Davis shot into the national political consciousness with a widely publicized 11-hour filibuster against Texas Gov. Rick Perry's proposal to make abortion clinics meet the same health and safety standards as hospitals. It appears her fall may take only a little longer than her rise.

(For another illustration of why the national mainstream media is held in such low repute by the public, check out this credulous profile of Davis by NBC's Maria Shriver, which was broadcast on Jan. 15, 2014)

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