President Trump modified his standard attack on traveling reporters Friday, and declared that nearly a third of journalists covering his speech were “fine people.”

“Look, there’s fake news back there look, fake news,” Trump said at a graduation for the FBI National Academy in Virginia.

“No, actually, some of them are fine people,” he said. “About, let's see who's back there? Yeah, about 30 percent.”

The group covering Trump was an out-of-town travel pool, which features a rotating set of reporters, photographers, and video technicians corralled by White House staff from vans to press sections at Trump events.

Journalists from the Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, and NPR were scheduled to take part in the pool. Television was represented by ABC and the designated print pooler, who shares newsworthy happenings with a large listserv, was from the Daily Mail. Photographers from the AP, Reuters, AFP, and the New York Times were also scheduled to be in the pool.