New York cosmetics executive Jill Harth, who has accused President Trump of sexually assaulting her, slammed the Hill for publishing a piece about her efforts to become Trump’s campaign makeup artist — even though she was the one who suggested writing a piece on the topic.

“The Hill's blatant attempt at Fake News fails miserably and exposes it as an apologist for Trump and a rag for right-wing hit jobs,” Harth wrote in a statement Monday night.

Harth had filed a lawsuit in 1997 accusing Trump of sexual harassment, which has since been withdrawn due to pressure. During the 2016 presidential campaign, just months before the election in November, the litigation had been discovered by the media and Harth became well known for the lawsuit.

Earlier Monday, the Hill had published a piece delineating Harth's attempts to become Trump's makeup artist in emails, and noted the email language was dramatically different than that in the lawsuit.

“Well, a couple years of therapy helped me deal with Trump's sexual attacks and the mind games he had played on me for more than a year and move on with my life,” Harth's statement Monday reads.

Harth said in 2015 she was “excited” about a new men’s cosmetic product line she had created and she was looking for a spokesperson. After consulting her business associate, she decided to reach out to Trump.

“The email was the first such contact with Trump in a long while and our relationship was still cordial even though I realized that I would be dealing with someone who acted like a ‘dog in heat’ then, who had ruined my marriage and had continued pursuing me through the years,” she wrote. “Yes, I had moved on but had not forgotten the pain he brought into my life. I was older, wiser. Trump was married to Melania and I had hoped he was a changed man.”

She said she did not receive a response and did not continue to pursue the effort, but said she reached out again after she saw him looking like a “clown” at a rally. She said she did not receive a response to that email either.

“The flattering nature of the emails were necessary to satisfy Trump's ‘huge’ ego,” Harth said.

After Harth gained media attention in 2016, she asked lawyer Lisa Bloom to represent her. The Hill also recently published a piece this month outlining how Bloom had started a online fundraising campaign to assist Harth after the allegations negatively impacted her business.

According to the Hill, Harth suggested the story about how she tried to be hired as Trump’s campaign makeup artist during an interview concerning her relationship with Bloom.

The Hill said in a statement it stands by its reporting.

"The story The Hill ran was not in retaliation for any article involving Lisa Bloom. Harth herself alerted The Hill to the existence of emails showing her effort to win business from President Trump at the start of the 2016 presidential campaign and she encouraged our reporter to obtain those emails, which we did," the statement reads. "Our story is a factually accurate recounting of Harth’s contemporaneous emails, which she alerted us to and authenticated for us."

Harth and 18 other women have publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct.