This is exactly why we said President Trump had to unload his businesses in order to avoid corruption and the appearance of corruption.

The GEO Group is a private prison company that received a massive multimillion-dollar federal contract for an immigrant detention center. By its nature, GEO's fortunes depend on taxpayer dollars, and thus on the favor of politicians and government officials.

So when GEO moves its annual conference from its normal location to a Trump resort, here's what it looks like: A company that depends on the Trump administration for profit is giving money directly to President Trump.

That Trump doesn't manage the company doesn't matter. He owns it. The resort's revenue is Trump's revenue.

It seemed corrupt when lobbyist Tony Podesta hired Mary Landrieu's husband as his real estate agent during her re-election. Podesta was personally enriching an appropriations committee member while lobbying on behalf of defense contractors.

It was corrupt when former President Bill Clinton took six-figure speaking gigs from foreign companies while his wife was secretary of state.

It was corrupt when Michelle Obama got a raise from the University of Chicago Hospital as her husband, a U.S. senator finagled earmarks for the University.

And it's corrupt when federal contractors go out of their way to enrich the president personally. Trump could prevent this corruption by assigning an agent to sell off his properties through a strict process in which Trump has no say. The sale would introduce a one-time — but very visible — occasion for potential corruption, but then it will be over.

There's no law requiring Trump to sell the companies, but ethics and good government require it.