Donald Trump admitted Tuesday night he may have done better at the Iowa caucuses if he had attended the seventh Republican debate last Thursday.

The long-time GOP front-runner spoke graciously in an interview on Fox News, telling Sean Hannity he has considered whether his omission from the debate contributed to his taking second place behind Sen. Ted Cruz.

"I think I would've done probably a little bit better in Iowa had I not gone out and wanted to do that event for the vets," Trump told Sean Hannity.

The Manhattan billionaire did not express any regrets about his decision though, adding that he was "very happy" with his second place finish considering he spent the least amount of money out of the top performers and had been told by his advisers last summer that he would not fair well in the midwest.

Trump did express frustration with the media for its high praise of Sen. Marco Rubio for his third-place finish in Iowa.

"I came in second and people said 'oh that was a disappointing evening for Donald Trump,' but Marco Rubio, good guy by the way, came in third and they're saying he had an unbelievable evening," Trump said.

Trump is ranked first in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, followed by Cruz and Rubio, respectively.