MILFORD, N.H. — Donald Trump conceded Tuesday that he felt a "just a tinge" of disappointment over his second-place finish in Iowa's Republican caucus Monday evening.

"I think most people say I did a great job," the billionaire GOP candidate told reporters ahead of his first post-Iowa campaign rally in New Hampshire, where voters will next cast their ballots in the state's first-in-the-nation primary.

"Had I know I was going to be liked as much as I am in Iowa, I would have maybe spent a little bit more [money] and I would have been there a little bit more, and I would have won," Trump claimed.

Instead, the outspoken businessman, who's predicated much of his White House bid on "winning," was nearly defeated by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and edged out by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

When asked by a reporter whether he felt "any disappointment" after watching the exit polls come in Monday night, Trump said, "I probably had just a tinge." He also claimed his decision to skip the final GOP primary debate before the caucuses last Thursday could have cost him a victory.

"I think it could have been the debate. I think some people were disappointed I didn't do the debate," he said. "[But] if I had to do it again, I would have done the exact same thing."