A top adviser for Donald Trump's campaign broke with the Republican front-runner's Thursday opposition to the North Carolina bathroom law, siding with Sen. Ted Cruz in process.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, said Thursday morning that she agrees with Cruz's assertion that adult men should not be in a bathroom with "little girls." However, Huckabee Sanders did argue that the whole discussion is a "big distraction."

"Look, I don't disagree [with Cruz]," Huckabee Sanders told CNN. "I have a daughter. I don't want her in a bathroom with somebody that just decided to go in there because they think that there are little girls in there and that's appropriate. I think the big question here is what, for a presidential campaign, or what are the issues that Americans are focused on, and this, I think, is just a big distraction, and of course, Ted Cruz is going to come out and try to draw a distinction."

Earlier in the morning, Cruz responded to Trump's stance, telling supporters in Maryland that it's "common sense" not to let strangers into bathrooms with little girls. The Texas senator added that Trump should have hats made that read "Make PC Great Again."

"Grown adult men, strangers should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. And that's not conservative or liberal, that's not Republican or Democrat, that's basic common sense," Cruz told attendees. "But you know a few months ago, Donald told us he could be the most politically correct person on Earth, and I guess he's showing us what that looks like. I am waiting with anticipation for the new baseball caps: Make PC Great Again."

Appearing on the "Today" show early Thursday morning, Trump said that North Carolina is "paying a big price" for the legislation, citing the economic impact on the state since the law passed. He also said that if Caitlyn Jenner were to come to Trump Tower, she'd be able to use whichever bathroom she pleases.