White House homeland security adviser Tom Bossert took a swipe at the media late Thursday for running "old reporting or old B-roll footage" that gave "a bad impression" of the Trump administration's recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

"No, that dynamic never changes in terms of reporting but the dynamic on the ground always does change," Bossert told Fox News when asked about his earlier complaints of lagging news reports from the U.S. island territory devastated by Hurricane Maria.

"As an example, I briefed earlier this morning the number of hospitals that were open," Bossert said. "I briefed it and updated it again this afternoon and then, as an example, I'll brief it now: 51 now of the 69 hospitals on the island are open, and 41 of the 48 dialysis centers are open."

Providing healthcare was "one of the key, critical factors" to the Trump team's plan to help Puerto Rico in the wake of the natural disaster, Bossert added.

"It's something that has changed throughout the day and so old reporting or old B-roll footage running from earlier today tends to give a bad impression," he continued. "It wasn't wrong at the time it was recorded. It just ends up being dated and inaccurate, so that's the challenge for all of us."

The Trump administration has come under fire for the federal government's slow response to assist local authorities rescue residents, deliver food, water, and medical supplies, and restore power.

Trump is expected to visit Puerto Rico next Tuesday.