A new national survey that added in more Republicans for fairness finds President Trump at his highest approval rating since April, 45 percent.

Significantly, the SurveyMonkey poll found a slight shift among Democrats in Trump's favor.

"Trump's rise this week results in part from a slightly less Democratic sample than usual, although Trump's numbers also ticked up over the past two weeks among Democrats (from 8 to 12 percent approve) and independents who lean to neither party (from 30 to 37 percent)," said the survey analysis provided to Secrets.

The poll interviewed 2,783 Democrats, 2,523 Republicans and and 3,548 independents.

A new polling report, highlighted in Secrets earlier today, hit major media polls for oversampling Democrats by up to 58 percent, a practice that skews the results against the president.

The SurveyMonkey sample is closer to those showing Trump doing better, though still underwater in the approval/disapproval rating. It was done at a time when the president was winning kudos for his administration's handling of two hurricanes and while he was pushing for tax cuts and an end to Obamacare.

"Trump's job approval rating rose 3 points to 45 percent over the past week, and his disapproval dropped 2 to 53 percent. That's Trump's best approval rating in SurveyMonkey's tracking since late April. It extends a trend evident in our data and the polling averages over the past 2-3 weeks," said the pollster.

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com