President Trump's attorney plans to file a pair of complaints against former FBI Director James Comey for leaking his own memo to the press and for previous testimony before a Senate panel.

Marc Kasowitz, Trump's outside counsel, will file the first complaint with the Department of Justice inspector general early next week, a source close to the legal team told the Washington Examiner.

The second complaint will go to the Senate Judiciary Committee and focus on statements Comey made Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. But it will also cite testimony Comey delivered to the judiciary committee in May, when he was still head of the FBI.

The source would not elaborate on which section of the prior testimony Kasowitz would cite in the complaint.

However, Comey's statements before the Senate Judiciary Committee have drawn renewed scrutiny in recent weeks given that he testified on May 3 that had never experienced political interference in an investigation.

The former FBI director testified Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Trump had asked him to "let...go" of the bureau's investigation into a close associate, Mike Flynn, who had recently been ousted from his position as national security adviser at the time of the president's alleged request.

Comey admitted during his testimony Thursday that he directed a friend to leak his memo detailing his conversation with Trump, in which he said Trump encouraged Comey to drop the FBI investigation into Flynn just weeks after pressing him to pledge his personal loyalty to the White House.

Trump reacted to Comey's admission Friday morning by tweeting "WOW."