Donald Trump surprised attendees at a rally in Gilbert, S.C., Wednesday night when he took the stage in his infamous "Make America Great Again" red hat.

"I"m wearing a hat tonight because we're in a barn. It's a very nice barn," Trump told attendees at the rally.

The last time Trump was seen wearing his hat was at a campaign event in Florida last November, according to a news report.

Twitter erupted as campaign reporters confirmed the GOP front-runner had brought the hat back. The Manhattan billionaire, typically clothed in a red tie with his suit, chose to go without the accessory for a more casual look since he would be addressing voters in a rural setting at the Harmon Tree Farm.

Trump said Tuesday he would not participate in Thursday's Republican debate. Sen. Ted Cruz, ranked second in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, followed Trump's announcement with one of his own. The Texas senator's campaign, not knowing Trump planned to bring back his red hat after a three-month long hiatus, posted "Make Trump Debate Again" hats in its online store Thursday.