President Trump slammed Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal on Wednesday for saying incorrectly that he served in the Vietnam War, after Blumenthal criticized his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Blumenthal appeared on MSNBC and CNN Wednesday to repeat his calls for a special prosecutor to investigate any connections between Trump's campaign and the Russian government. The senator said several times in public that he served in Vietnam, but military records uncovered by the New York Times showed he never went to war.

Instead, Blumenthal received multiple military deferments to avoid going to war. Blumenthal did eventually join the Marine Corps Reserve in the 1970s and rose to rank of sergeant, but according to the Times, performed duties that virtually guaranteed he wouldn't go overseas.

Trump ripped Blumenthal's statements earlier this year when Blumenthal said Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, then Trump's nominee, criticized Trump's statements about the federal judiciary. On Wednesday, he went so far as to call for an investigation into Blumenthal.

"Watching Senator Richard Blumenthal speak of Comey is a joke. 'Richie' devised one of the greatest military frauds in U.S. history," Trump tweeted. "For years, as a pol in Connecticut, Blumenthal would talk of his great bravery and conquests in Vietnam - except he was never there.

"When caught, he cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness... and now he is judge & jury. He should be the one who is investigated for his acts."

Blumenthal has been a frequent critic of Trump during the campaign and since the president took office in January.