Republican front-runner Donald Trump came out came out with guns blazing after splitting the states that voted Saturday with Ted Cruz, calling on Marco Rubio to drop out of the race and saying he wanted to face Cruz one-on-one.

The billionaire held his press conference in Rubio's Florida.

Trump spoke quietly and called on Republicans to end the "foolishness" dividing them. He said that a conservative third party "100 percent guarantees" the election of a Democrat and would hand over the Supreme Court to liberals.

But Trump wasn't particularly conciliatory toward the two Republican senators running against him. He congratulated Cruz on winning Kansas and Maine, the Texas senator "should do well in Maine because it's close to Canada."

In the run-up to the Iowa caucus, Trump began arguing that Cruz's Canadian birthplace likely made him constitutionally ineligible for the presidency.

"Marco Rubio had a very, very bad night and personally I'd call him to drop out of the race," Trump added. He later said, "Marco has to get out of the race."

"Oh do I want to run against just Ted," he continued. "That would be so easy." He vowed to win Rubio's home state of Florida and Ohio, where John Kasich is governor.

Trump admitted that he was part of the "establishment" before he ran for president, but said he was now the person would replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia with someone comparably great.

After opening it up for questions from reporters, whom he described as the "most dishonest people God ever created," he quickly tore into "lying Ted" and brought up allegations the Cruz campaign spread rumors about Ben Carson dropping out before the Iowa caucus. Trump said what happened to Carson, a "great guy," was a "disgrace."

Trump also expressed regret that he had to pull out of the Conservative Political Action Conference but said spending time in Kansas, where Cruz won handily, was the right thing to do.

The candidate came under fire for not disavowing David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan in an interview. In Saturday night's press conference, Trump said, "Any hate group, not good with Donald Trump."

Trump also suggested he would be more dignified as president and perhaps in the general election. "I will be the most presidential candidate in history other than Honest Abe Lincoln," he said.

On torture, Trump said he would stay within the laws but also work to make those laws "stronger." He said that waterboarding was nothing compared to the Islamic State drowning people in cages and that we cannot compete with terrorists if our rules governing are too restrictive.

Responding to Mitt Romney's public criticism, he said that only Rubio is a bigger "choke artist." He blamed the 2012 Republican nominee for blowing the election for the GOP. Trump said that if Romney had "worked as hard" to beat Obama as he is "now trying to destroy our party and the unity of our party," Republicans would have won four years ago.

Trump managed to make it out of Super Saturday with two closely contested wins, but lost two caucuses and the CPAC straw poll convincingly. Cruz is likely to use the day's results to argue that he is the best anti-Trump candidate in the Republican presidential race.