Donald Trump on Thursday welcomed a new CBS poll that shows him with a commanding nationwide lead, just hours after a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll showed Cruz with a 2-point advanced.

The CBS News poll put Trump's support at 35 percent among Republicans, 17 points ahead of his closest competitor, Sen. Ted Cruz, who got 18 percent.

The WSJ/NBC News poll had Cruz leading 28-26, and Trump didn't hesitate to tweet about the new poll.

Following Trump and Cruz, CBS says there is a virtual tie for third place, as Ohio Gov. John Kasich got 11 percent, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio got 12 percent.

Ben Carson (6 percent) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (4 percent) trail far behind.

Roughly half of Republican primary voters (46 percent) say they have made up their mind about whom to vote for, up 9 points since last month, and two-thirds of Trump voters say they are set on voting for the billionaire businessman. Two-thirds of those supporting other candidates say they may still change their minds.

Trump has high support across nearly every demographic group in the Republican electorate, and holds a double-digit lead among Republicans and independents, men and women, white evangelicals, and people of all income levels. He also leads among Republican voters of all age and education levels, and also does well among voters without college degrees.

Trump has a double-digit lead among moderates and those who describe themselves as somewhat conservative, and maintains a 5 point lead over Cruz among very conservative Republican voters.

Trump is also seen as by most electable candidates still in the race, and 53 percent of GOP primary voters say he will have the best chance to win in the general election, up from 26 percent in July 2015.

The telephone-based poll of 2,007 adults nationwide, including 1,641 registered voters and 581 registered voters likely to vote in a Republican primary, was conducted Feb. 12-16 and carries an overall margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.