President Trump criticized the CEOs who are leaving his manufacturing council for "not taking their jobs seriously as it pertains to this country" and said they're embarrassed for making their products outside the United States.

"We want jobs, manufacturing in this country. If you look at some of those people that you're talking about, they're outside of the country," Trump said during a press conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday. "They're having a lot of their product made outside. If you look at Merck as an example, take a look at where their product is made. It's made outside of our country."

Four CEOs — Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Merck CEO Kenneth C. Frazier, and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank — have resigned from the president's American Manufacturing Council in the last few days.

Trump said the reason why they resigned is because they're embarrassed.

"Some of the folks that will leave, they're leaving out of embarrassment because they're making their products outside, and I've been lecturing them, including the gentlemen you're referring to, that you have to bring it back to this country," he said. "You can't do it necessarily in Ireland and all of these other places."