Donald Trump dared Hillary Clinton Sunday to disarm her security detail if she means what she says about gun violence.

"Hillary said that guns don't keep you safe," Trump tweeted. "If she really believes that she should demand that her heavily armed bodyguards quickly disarm!"

Clinton receives life-long Secret Service protection due to her status as the former first lady. She supports President Obama in pushing for increased federal regulations on gun sales.

President Obama is set to announce new executive action on gun control this week. Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, will likely support the actions.

Clinton has used a tough stance on firearms to establish space to the left of main challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is running as the more progressive candidate in the race.

Clinton argues gun violence can be cut by closing a so-called loophole that allows Americans to buy guns without undergoing checks to ensure they are not among groups, like convicted felons, barred from buying them.

"The majority of our country supports background checks, and even the majority of gun owners do. Sen. Sanders did vote five times against the Brady Bill," Clinton said at a Democratic debate, citing a bill that established national background check rules.