A talk with President Trump has convinced Sen. Rand Paul not to vote against the Senate's critical fiscal 2018 budget, which will serve as the legislative path to tax reform.

Paul, R-Ky., a libertarian, was prepared to vote against a motion to proceed to debate the budget because he opposes the inclusion of additional war funding.

But he changed his mind after speaking with Trump and voted to advance the resolution on Tuesday.

"The motion to proceed was not as big a deal, but I think you can say the president was influential in getting me to vote for the motion to proceed," Paul said Tuesday.

Paul has been spending time with the president recently. He golfed with Trump on Sunday and last week joined Trump at the White House, where the president signed an executive order expanding the sale of health insurance across state lines, a policy Paul adamantly supports.

But Paul still said he will oppose the budget later this week unless it sheds $43 billion in extra defense spending.

Paul said he voted to advance the budget plan "out of respect for the president and also, that we should debate the budget."