President Trump said Monday that Democratic lawmakers who did not applaud his State of the Union speech last week were "un-American" and "treasonous."

Trump, speaking in Ohio, recalled the silence from Democrats in Congress when he praised low unemployment among African-Americans and Hispanics.

"They would rather see Trump do badly, OK, than our country do well. That's what it means, it's very selfish," he said. "It got to a point where I really didn't even want to look too much during the speech over to that side, because honestly it was bad energy. No, it was bad energy.

"You're up there and you have half the room going totally crazy wild. They loved everything, they want to do something great for our country," he continued. "And you have the other side, even on positive news, really positive news like that, they were like death. And un-American, un-American."

Trump added: "Somebody said treasonous. I mean, yeah, I guess why not. Can we call that treason? Why not. They certainly didn't seem to love our country very much."