President Trump tweeted Tuesday evening about having a "nuclear button" in his desk, but the button the public knows about does not command the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal.

The presence of a button on Trump's desk in the Oval Office was revealed last year.

According to Trump himself, the button orders a valet to bring him a Diet Coke, not order the launch of a nuclear missile.

“No no, everyone thinks it is,” the Financial Times' Demetri Sevastopulo said was Trump's response when jokingly asked if it orders a nuclear missile strike.

“Everyone does get a little nervous when I press that button,” Trump reportedly added. Trump reportedly drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day.

The Washington Examiner's Graeme Jennings snapped photos of the button during an Oval Office interview in April.

In a tweet Tuesday evening Trump took a swipe at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who warned the U.S. in his annual New Year's Day speech that he has a button on his table for nuclear weapons.

Trump boasted that he has a "bigger" and "more powerful" button that actually works, although such a button is unlikely to actually exist.