President Trump does not want to end the country’s environmental regulatory acts in order to get his infrastructure plans passed through Congress, a top aide said Sunday.

White House legislative director Marc Short said on “Fox News Sunday” reports alleging Trump wants to cut up the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, among other environmental protection laws, are false.

“The administration has no plans to gut the Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act. What you've seen really over the last year is, by rolling back the burdensome regulations the previous administration had put in place, the economy has taken off,” Short said.

Trump will call on Congress to get behind a bipartisan infrastructure funding program during his first State of the Union address, and he needs Democrats to get on board with the plan, his legislative director said Sunday.

Short said Trump plans to appeal to congressional Democrats during his speech to drum up support for his infrastructure plans.

“He will talk about the fact that America is open for business and the president will also make an appeal to Democrats to say we need to rebuild our country and make an appeal that you do infrastructure. We need to do it in a bipartisan way,” Short said.

However, there is likely to be a fight brewing over the infrastructure program, Short said.

Democrats will likely want the majority of money involved in the plan to come from federal dollars, but Republicans won’t jump on that idea. Instead, Short said Trump plans to push for more public-private partnerships for funding of infrastructure projects.

“There's no doubt that Democrats will want more federal dollars. We also have to recognize that we have a significant debt problem in our country. This can't just be all federal that pays for this,” he said.