Contrary to what his treasury secretary said, President Trump has not ruled out releasing his tax returns to the public, he said Sunday.

Instead, "I'll make a decision" about the returns once the Internal Revenue Service has completed an audit of his returns, Trump said on CBS's "Face the Nation."

Last week, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told reporters that Trump had no intention of releasing his returns. Mnuchin made the statement while introducing Trump's tax plan, which Democrats have said would benefit Trump personally to an extent that can't be known without Trump's returns.

But Trump suggested Sunday that Mnuchin was off-base in his comments.

"Well, I never spoke to him about it," Trump said. "Honestly, he's never asked me about it."

As he has in the past, Trump claimed that an IRS audit was preventing him from releasing his tax returns. Once the audit was concluded, however, he would consider it.

An IRS audit would not preclude Trump from releasing his returns for past years if he chose to do so.

As president, Trump's tax returns from now on will be subject to a special automatic audit that applies to all presidents.