President Trump contradicted his spokeswoman's statement that he was just being nice when he said Australia has a better healthcare system than the United States Friday, saying "of course" Australia's universal healthcare system is better.

Earlier Friday, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump wasn't saying Australia's healthcare system was better than the United States' system, but was just being complimentary of a foreign leader. Trump tweeted later that he meant what he said.

"Of course the Australians have better healthcare than we do — everybody does. ObamaCare is dead! But our healthcare will soon be great," Trump tweeted.

Trump made headlines Thursday when he told Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Obamacare is failing and complimented his country's universal healthcare system.

"I shouldn't say this to our great gentleman and my friend from Australia," Trump said, "because you have better healthcare than we do."

Sanders said Trump wasn't trying to say universal healthcare is a preferable system than a market-based system, and instead said Trump was praising a foreign leader's country.

"The president was complimenting a foreign leader on the operations of their healthcare system, and it didn't mean anything more than that," Sanders said.