President Trump began to sour on Chris Christie during the presidential campaign after the New Jersey governor arranged for then-President Obama to call Christie's phone on election night to congratulate Trump, according to an excerpt of a new book.

Trump, a self-professed germaphobe, was repulsed at the idea of using Christie's phone to take Obama's call, the Daily Mail reported Monday after obtaining a preview of the book "Devil's Bargain," by Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Joshua Green, due out Tuesday.

"‘Hey, Chris, you know my fucking phone number," Trump told Christie, according to the book. "Just give it to the president. I don't want your fucking phone."

In November, Trump fired Christie as leader of his transition team, replacing the New Jersey governor with then Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Christie did not receive a formal role in the administration, after a campaign in which he was a leading Trump surrogate and had been considered as running mate, though he is running the president's opioids task force.

A spokesman for Christie denied the account of the phone interaction with Trump, in a statement to The Daily Beast Monday.

"The account in the book is complete fiction," Christie's spokesman Brian Murray said. "Governor Christie never spoke to President Obama on election night nor did he make any arrangements for any phone call from The White House to be placed on his cell phone for the President-elect. Finally, he had no conversation on election night as was relayed in this book with the President-elect. The author should be ashamed of himself in passing off this account as true — it is fiction."